Monday, January 2, 2012

Shopping At Wegmans

It surprises me when people tell me that they have not shopped or heard about Wegmans. Wegmans is a food lovers theme park. They have everything and are known to have knowledgable employees. They send their butchers to seminars about meat so that they are up to date with what is new in butchering. I especially like shopping there because Wegmans is known to have high ratings in employee satisfaction. I support businesses that work to make employees happy in their workplace. They also have a huge prepared foods section where you can get anything from sushi to fried chicken to raw oysters. Before spending hours roaming their aisles, I suggest you fuel up.

DC is lucky to have several locations within an hours drive. Marshall and I visited the one in Fairfax, VA. Though most of the prices on products at Wegmans is about the same as you can find at local supermarkets, they have such a wide selection of products that you will find exceptionally good deals.

For instance, Gold Bond body wash is a new product and I have $2 off coupons for them but could not find them at Harris Teeter or Target. They had them at Wegmans on sale for $5.49. With the coupon, I paid $3.49 for each. Not an Extreme Couponing deal but it was worth it for me to get a quality product for my dry skin this winter.

A great body lotion deal was on Jergens 12.5 oz bottles. On sale for $2.49 each + a coupon for $3 off 2 bottles = $.99 for each bottle.

Another great deal is the Revital Lens contact cleaning solution. They had travel size boxes for $3.99 and I had three $3 off coupon (no limit on sizes). Got each box for $.99. I have not seen these boxes at other stores. Perfect for my trips to visit family.

Another product I have not found is Ivory body wash. A 12 oz bottle is $1.99 + $.20 off coupon doubled (Wegmans will double any coupon that is $.99 or less). A bottle was only $1.59.

For the ladies, I can recommend their makeup aisle. They had lots of brand name mascaras and lip glosses on sale and with $1 off coupons that can be found in Sunday papers, they would have been a steal. I held back from buying them because I cleaned up when CVS had their clearance and am set on makeup for awhile.

If you have not been to Wegmans, a trip is highly recommended. Their food prices are comparable to other supermarkets and you will find everything on your shopping list so a visit is worth it. Like other theme parks, I suggest going early in the day to beat the crowds.

Just a quick note that Harris Teeter has their Super Double coupon deal starting Wednesday, January 4th. Any coupon valued at $1.98 or less will be doubled (20 coupon limit). Have fun shopping!


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