Friday, June 18, 2010

DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour - The Passenger

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There is no doubt that craft cocktails are becoming more and more prominent in DC. With places like the Gibson, PX in Alexandria, and the Lounge at Bourbon Steak, DC locals are getting a lot of options to try some inventive stuff. The Passenger on 7th street is doing a great job of holding their own. With the opening of the Columbia Room, they are providing a cocktail experience that you might only get in New York; Omakase style.

If you happen to drop by the DC Food Blogger Happy Hour on Wednesday, July 7th, order your drink by telling the bartender what kinds of flavors you like and then tell them what kind of liquor you drink. For instance, I prefer citrus flavors, drink tequila, and tend to like cold refreshing drinks. Just trust the bartender and see what they come up with.

Don't forget to trying something with lavender bitters. *wink*