Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GT Kombucha On Sale At Whole Foods

Image from www.synergydrinks.com.

My friend Anna (and yoga guru) told me about Kombucha a couple of years ago. She started drinking it and felt that it helped her digestive system. She also told me that she dropped five pounds after drinking it for a few days so yeah...my ears perked up while she was talking. I tried it and at first was taken aback by the vinegar-like taste (it is a fermented tea that creates enzymes that assist with digestion.) But after giving it a second shot, I actually started to find the drink refreshing. And lets just say that it is a great way to detox. It really does clean out your system. After drinking it, and letting it do it's work, I felt....cleansed.

You can make kombucha yourself at home but there is something about the process that scares me. I think I would rather leave this to the professionals.

My favorite flavors are the Guava Goddess and the Cosmic Cranberry. These bottles run about $3-$5 a bottle (depending on where you buy them.) I found them at Yes! Organics for $2.99 a bottle. Target started selling them recently (found near the refrigerated orange juice) and they are priced reasonably there.

Whole Foods will have this drink on sale on Friday the 13th - Buy One Get One Free. I will try to stop by and stock up on a few bottles. Its great to have the day after an indulgent meal or if you are just feeling sluggish. Sometimes, you just gotta give your body some attention and help it out a little.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I felt the same way at first, but now I love these drinks!

  2. I felt the same way too at first, but after the second sip, I absolutely loved it! I just wish that it came in packs to make it easier to lug all of the bottles around.