Monday, August 24, 2009

YES! Organic Market Opens in Petworth

Last Wednesday at 10 a.m., YES! Organic Market opened a new store in Petworth. This is great news for me because I will be moving into the Petworth area next week. Also, I've grown pretty fond of the store on 14th and V street for their cheap wines and decently priced organic fruit. (I'm really hoping the one in Petworth sells wines too.) Honestly, I've heard really bad stuff about the Petworth Safeway so knowing that there will be a decent market nearby is comforting.

Here are some deals I found:

Organic Bananas - $0.89 per lb
Cantaloupe - $1.59 each (GREAT DEAL)
Blue Crab Lump Meat - $8.99 per lb
Kettle Chips - $2 a bag
Boca Burger - $3.89

Prince of Petworth posted this announcement of YES! Organic market opening and readers have already posted their review of the new market in the comments section.

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