Sunday, August 2, 2009

Save Money at Whole Foods

If I were to rank the markets that I enjoy shopping at in DC, Whole Foods would probably rank second after Trader Joes. (H-Mart could be number one if they were located in DC.) Trader Joes was the first market that introduced me to gourmet products and they have great prices on cheeses and produce. That is why they are ranked first. They also sell Asti sparkling wine for $5.99 and I do like my sweet sparkling wines. But Whole Foods is a much prettier market to shop in and I appreciate that they carry a lot of organic and earth/people friendly products. Here is some advice I got from Whole Deals, Whole Food's magazine that has coupons and cooking advice:

  • "Cut your costs in half. If you need only half a cabbage, sandwich, chunk of cheese, fish fillet, loaf of fresh bread, etc., we're happy to provide just the half you need." REALLY? I've wasted many loaves of bread because I just couldn't finish an entire loaf. And frankly, I NEVER need more than half a cabbage for recipes. This works for me.
  • You can get volume discounts if you buy a whole case of or more of a certain item. This is good to check out for wine lovers. If you are buying enough for a big party, asking for the cost of a case may be worth it.
  • Store Deals - You can sign up for the e-newsletter and get bi-weekly updates store specials here.
And this is just my tip. I like their bulk section for things like cranberries or raisins when I need them for recipes. A whole box of cranberries is too much to buy when I only need 1/2 a cup for a recipe so its worth it to me to go buy those items at Whole Foods.

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