Sunday, August 23, 2009

BLT with Arugula and Basil and Avocado

Something wonderful happened at work last week. That something wonderful was a great sandwich. My co-workers and I have been bringing turkey bacon to work and cooking it up in the microwave so that we can have inexpensive BLTs for lunch. Last Thursday, I had the bread, I had the turkey bacon, but I was going to depend on the salad bar at Organics to Go to take care of the rest of my BLT needs. co-worker Lucy showed up at my desk with a bag of the most beautiful and perfectly ripe tomatoes. She asked me to pass them out to the lunch crew since she was heading out for a business lunch. Perfect. Bacon tomato sandwiches are delish. Luckily, my co-worker Catherine had some mayonnaise in the fridge. A bacon tomato sandwich is not a good sandwich without mayo or melted cheese. As I started to toast my bread and assemble my sandwich in the kitchen, Angie was next to me putting her sandwich together and started throwing stuff my way: romaine lettuce, arugula, and basil. I tossed some farm fresh tomatoes her way. She reminded me to salt and pepper my tomatoes. "The trick to a good BLT is salt and pepper." Done. It was delicious. Angie and I sat across from each other and could not stop grinning and commenting at what an amazing sandwich we were eating. The tomato was juicy and sweet. The basil gave it a nice fresh fragrance. The arugula gave it a nice peppery bite. The sandwich was a great BLT that was bumped up a big notch.

I wanted to confirm that this sandwich was as delicious as I remembered it to be so I had my friends Christine and Jason over for dinner. Real bacon was involved in this dinner. I assembled it just as I had that day at work. It was accompanied by some potato chips. Jason and Christine took a bite and I waited. SCORE!

Ingredients purchased at Harris Teeter and U Best and 14th and U Farmers Market

Sliced bread - $1.12 per loaf (after sale and coupon)
Bacon - $3.49 per package
Tomatoes - $1.50
Avocado - $1.79 each
Arugula - $3 for 1/4 pound
Romaine Lettuce - $2.99 per package
Mayo - Free from previous purchase
Basil - $2.99 per package
Salt - Free from previous purchase
Pepper - Free from previous purchase

Toast bread and cook bacon. Spread mayo on each slice of bread. Slice tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Cut avocados into slices. Assemble sandwiches with ingredients. I placed the romaine lettuce, arugula, basil, and avocado on one side and then placed the bacon and tomatoes on the other. Bring two sides together and sliced sandwich in half. Enjoy.

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