Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Finds

Here are some deals I got during Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Week:

Bread was $3.99 but on sale for buy one get one free. Coupon was $0.50 off and when tripled =$2.49 for two loaves of bread.

Two containers of Lysol cleaning wipes were $6.98 but on sale for Buy one Get one Free which made it $3.49 for two. Coupon was for $0.75 off and when tripled = $1.24 for the two containers.

Dental Floss was $1.59 on sale. Coupon was $0.50 off and tripled = $0.09 for dental floss. The toothbrush was on sale for $1.74. Coupon was $0.55 and tripled = $0.09 for a toothbrush.

Brownie boxes were on sale for 2 for $4.00. Coupon was $0.75 off and tripled = $1.75 for two boxes of brownie mix.

Healthy Balance Juice was on sale for $2.50. Coupon was for $.50 off and tripled = $1.00 for on big bottle of juice.

Cheez-It was on sale for $3.49 a box. Coupon was for $0.75 off and tripled = $1.24 a box.

I got some other things during my trip but felt kind of weird taking pictures of all my groceries in front of my roommate Nina and her sister Sonia. And I got produce (I promise Mom, I'm eating my fruit and vegetables!)

It was such a high. I felt all light and accomplished. Then Stephanie decided to gchat me that she just went shopping at Harris Teeter and that the cashier gave her $10 off her bill. Apparently there was a coupon in the paper for $10 off your grocery bill and you can get it if you ask the cashier for it. I COULD HAVE GOTTEN $10 OFF IN ADDITION TO MY TRIPLE COUPON SAVINGS?!?!? My high was gone and then I was just bitter.


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  2. Awesome deals Sylvie!