Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Herb Saver

My herbs not only die in my garden but they also die in my fridge. My refridgerator seems to dehydrate my vegetables, fruit, and herbs overnight. The herbs always get it the worst though. It is very frustrating to spend $2.99 on herbs and then wake up the next morning to find them wilted and useless. It is just as frustrating if you get your herbs from your friends for free. I've considered spending money on herb savers such as this one but then I took a closer look at these kinds of things and realized that those herb savers are just tall plastic containers that hold a little bit of water and that limit the amount of air that goes into them. Instead of dropping $30, I saved one of my take-out containers, poured an inch of water into it, cut the ends of some cilantro I bought, dropped the cilantro into the container, placed the cap on top of the container, poked some holes into the cap using a steak knife, and placed it in my fridge. The next day I checked it and it worked like a charm. The leaves were hydrated, green, and so fresh smelling. I gave it another three days...still beautiful. After a week, it was still fresh but the water had browned so I rinsed out the water and put it back in. The cilantro was still good after three weeks! I kept checking it, rinsing out the water, and even cut the ends after a week and a half and the cilantro stayed fresh and beautiful! Problem solved, it was so easy and FREE!


  1. I am so glad to see that you tried this, I'll give it a go myself! I always buy/pick herbs for a specific recipe and feel if they aren't used up, I've just wasted the rest of them. This will be a big help.

  2. Awesome! My cilantro would always die so I gave up and stopped buying it, instead opting for the TJ's frozen cilantro cubes. But i'm absolutely going to try your trick. Ta SeeVee!!