Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Wednesdays Are Exciting

The first thing that comes to mind when I sit down at my desk on a Wednesday morning is "What does Safeway have on sale this week?" Wednesdays are so exciting to me because it is the day that Safeway releases their weekly specials online. (Safeway just happens to be the closest supermarket to my home so it is the website that I check. Giant is a close second and they release their specials on Friday.)

Sometimes I'm disappointed because the sales are weak or they feature carrots. Most of the time, they feature an item that gets my mind spinning. Whole chicken for $.99 a pound? There are countless dishes I could make with a whole chicken. Avocados for $.89 each? Guacamole, chips, and a Top Chef marathon makes for a nice Sunday afternoon. Steak? Wednesdays are just DELIGHTFUL when Safeway features Porterhouse steak for a good price. That usually means that I can plan to entertain a friend or someone special with a nice steak dinner during the weekend. (Is it wrong that supermarket sales dictate my mood on a Wednesday and my plans for the weekend?)
This week, chicken legs and thighs are $.99 a pound!

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