Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am the kind of person that does a lot of daydreaming. My daydreams usually entail cooking something new, businesses I want to open, traveling, or winning the lottery. Hopefully I will win the lottery so that I can do more of the first three. Lately, I’ve had this dream that involves coupons. Actually, it involves coupons, volunteers, and a triple-coupon day at Harris Teeter. My dream is that a group of volunteers would do the research to see which items we can get for free or cheap, arm ourselves with coupons and some donated cash, head to a triple-coupon day to pick up the items, and give them to N Street Village or some other charity. N Street Village is always looking for donations of toothpaste, shampoo, canned goods, cereal, etc. Just imagine a hoard of people going into a store and coming out with tons of free/cheap stuff and all of us taking it to a shelter to donate. And we can also say we took advantage of corporate America.

***sigh*** I think it would be great.

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