Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday, June 16, 2009 Sale at Safeway

Here are some great items on sale at Safeway this week:

Rib-Eye Steak - $4.49 a pound
Snow Crab Clusters - $4.99 a pound
Yellow Peaches - $0.99 a pound
Duncan Hines Cake Mix - $1.25 each
Yoplait Yogurt - $0.60 each
Kraft Singles - $1.99 each
Whole Seedless Watermelon - $4.99 a pound
Mangoes - $1 each

***Disclaimer - Please note that each Safeway is different. For instance, some locations sell alcohol and some don't. This week, the location on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan has locally grown green beans for $0.77 a pound while the other locations have them for $0.99 a pound.) Best way to check if your local Safeway has the same deals as listed above is to go to www.safeway.com, punch in your zip code and check out their weekly special.

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