Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DC Food Blogger Happy Hour at Againn - Photos

It was another fun DC Food Blogger Happy Hour. I am amazed by how many food bloggers there are in DC and so happy that they all are such fun people to drink and eat with. Cupcake Avenger gave me a tip about a new food truck in DC. Sustainable in the City told me about her work with SweetGreen. Sally from Come to the Table told me about her adventures traveling around the US and serving meals on farms. Adventures in Shaw and Urban Bohemian let me sip their delicious cocktails. I got to meet Souper Girl and hear about how Treet Shop is living the foodie dream.

Thank you to Againn (pronounced "agwen?) for allowing us to have a fun place to meet up. I will be back there soon for some fish and chips and a glass of Guinness.

Cupcake Avengers!

Some serious food lovers.

Modern Domestic, Dining in DC and Mansion Mogul.

Every Food Fits and Come to the Table.

Endless Simmer and I Flip for Food

Here is a list of those who were able to attend the happy hour. If you do not see your blog on this list, please email me at thriftydccook at gmail dot com and let me know.


  1. wow, that looks like a ton of fun! I need to watch Yelp more closely, as I saw this listed on their events. Would be nice to meet more DC food bloggers

  2. I"m so disappointed that I missed this! Thanks for sharing photos and for planning the location!

  3. Thanks to the planning committee! The blogger (me) and semi-professional blog food taster (husband) had a great time!

  4. Hello! Thanks for hosting this event! I don't know if you remember, but I told you I'd be interested in drawing the next Food Blogger Happy Hour invite! Here's my drawing portfolio: Let me know how I can help! --Malaka

  5. Thanks for sharing photos and for planning the location!