Monday, June 25, 2012

A Kitchen with Character

Recently, we started a registry for the wedding.  Marshall and I added all of these great items and got really excited over a bunch of kitchen gadgets.  What I started to realize was that the gadgets were fun but I wasn't getting excited over the china or the serving platters.  Most were not attractive and the ones that did appeal to me were over-priced.  I want a kitchen with character but I am not willing to spend $500 for a sugar bowl.

My prayers were answered when we went to the Arlington Civitan Open Air Market.  The "garage sale" is held once a month on the first Saturday of the month during the summer.  It is a large parking garage that is filled to the brim with vendors selling pretty much everything imaginable.  I scored the two bowls for $5 and the embroidered tablecloth for $1.  (I do realize they don't really go together but had to get them in the same picture somehow.)

The bowls are really charming and are perfect for chips and dip.  The tablecloth isn't really my style but for $1, it is perfectly good to cover wood picnic tables that normally give me splinters.

My goal in July is to head to this market and score some good baking tools such as loaf pans and pastry cutters.

Happy Shopping!

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