Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Herb Garden



My dinners have been so sad without fresh herbs to top them off with. As you can see, I didn't "winterize" my garden. Instead, I neglected my garden and let the cold take it away. The strange thing is, there are some plants that have survived. The marjoram is blooming. It is the one in the far right on the ground and up against the wall (sorry for the dark image). I have no idea why it is blooming but I have left it alone and allowed it to blossom. The parsley is also doing quite well. It has not grown at the rate it was during the summer but the leaves are green and fragrant. The thyme, rosemary, and sage are disappointing me because I thought there were the sturdier plants. They are somewhat green (mostly brown) and when you break the leaves, the flavor is no where near as intense as it was during the summer.

I mourn my basil the most. It had grown into a monster of a basil plant during the summer and made many homemade pizzas delicious. I can't wait for summer.


  1. I don't know where you live but your winter garden experience seems just right. The marj. is perennial and since it is in a very protected place it will burst out. Parsley is biennial and never does as well the second year. As soon as new growth appears at the base of the thyme and sage, cut back at ,least 1/2 of plant or a little more.

  2. Also most varieties of rosemary are not hardy below 22 degrees. And since these are mediterranean herbs, sun is their friend. As soon as they get warm sun the essential oils will be back to scent and flavor the herbs