Friday, February 3, 2012

Avocado with Sweetened Condensed Milk

It is such a simple, delicious pleasure. I grew up eating ripe, creamy avocados with sweetened condensed milk. I have memories of an auntie spoon-feeding a bunch of us kids this treat and wanting to push all my cousins aside so I could get more. Now as an adult, I get a whole avocado to myself. No need to push or elbow anyone.


  1. I love avocados as dessert! I usually cube up avocados and bananas and mix it with some milk and sugar and eat it with a spoon.

  2. How Many Calories Are in an Avocado? The calorie count of an avocado can differ significantly depending on the type of avocado. You should distinguish between California avocados and Florida avocados.