Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bartolo Nardini Amaro

Before I met Marshall, I enjoyed appetizers before dinner and desserts after dinner. After a year and some months, I found myself saying things like, "Oh, that dinner was so delicious. Time for a digestif."

Yep, instead of craving a chocolate cake after dinner, I find myself yearning for sips of the amazing liqueur you see pictured above. My first taste of this Bartolo Nardini Amaro was at Fiola. It was introduced to us by the super-friendly and informative Jeff Faile. Most of the time, I don't enjoy drinking liqueurs straight. When I sipped this Amaro, I was surprised by the slightly sweet, carmelized, chocolatey, coffee taste of it. It was light. It was refreshing. It was FABULOUS.

The taste of this Amaro stuck with me. I thought about it for days after trying it. Marshall was so delighted that I actually enjoyed an Amaro that he called up Joe from ACE Beverage and asked him to order a bottle. Now this delightful drink is available to me every night and I love it.

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***Full Disclosure: I have a personal relationship with one of the men behind Scofflaw's Den. Just wanted to be sure I was honest here.

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  1. So glad you are a fan of Nardini Amaro. The name of the forefather is Bortolo Nardini, not Bartolo. We've read about some great juleps made from it. Cheers!
    Sharla/Media relations Ditta Bortolo Nardini