Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Best $7.95 I Ever Spent

Marshall and I picked up this Black Truffle salt while we were visiting family in Boca Raton, FL. We got it at a chain spice shop called "The Tea and Spice Exchange." This is probably the best $7.95 I have spent in the last few years. This simple salt has made me fall in love with eggs all over again (I go through these phases in my life where I love eggs and then I'm blase about them and then I love them again. Right now, I'm in love with eggs.)

This salt has bits and pieces of black truffles in them and the fragrance...lets just say that it was in my carryon bag and I could smell it on the plane. This small pouch packs a punch. A simple fried egg topped with Black Truffle salt and pepper is suddenly something of magic.

I made egg-in-a-hole and it was FABULOUS. Not just because I used a nifty heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the bread but because it was topped with this great salt and I gobbled it up very quickly. It was just a little pinch of it and it was enough. It made me feel like a million bucks....more like I had a million bucks. It made me feel rich. Again, this was the best $7.95 I've spent in a while.


  1. Dude, you were holding out on your family here!

  2. I LOVE truffle salt....Also - Trader Joe's has SMOKED salt that is very good for less than $3 in it's own grinder.

    If you are a fan of TRUFFLE - fill a spray bottle with truffle oil - and spritz your foods like roasted potatos while warm. Incredible flavor - for an incredibly cheap cost.

  3. Oh...such great ideas. Thank you. I love Trader Joes. I need to go shopping there again soon.