Friday, April 2, 2010

DC Food Blogger Happy Hour - Wednesday, April 7th

I'm not going to deny it. I like Oprah. She is loud and kind of obnoxious but the woman likes to eat. I can't hate on anyone who likes to eat. When they used to do segments on her show about her home life, I was jealous of her kitchen. It looked like it had everything but mainly because it included Chef Art. Everything he made for her looked great. I think I fell hard for him when he demonstrated how to make Quincy Jones' Thriller Ribs. Is it wrong that I got little excited when he talked about how the meat fell of the bone? Anyways, its now our chance to eat like Oprah. The next DC Food Blogger Happy Hour is at Art and Soul. From what I hear, the fried chicken is the best fried chicken in DC. That will be a must try.

Please RSVP here.


  1. Did you hear what Jamie Oliver said last night? Parents should be
    really angry about what their kids are being fed in school.

    Well, there is a food revolution underway in D.C. schools and it's
    called Parents for Better D.C. School Food. We are a Google group:

    A Facebook page:

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    Please join us, join the conversation, and spread the word.

  2. Hey chica! Tom told me about these happy hours! I hope to make the next one. Things have been hectic!