Friday, March 5, 2010


I've had the pleasure of visiting Vinoteca a couple of times for Jazz night when my friends played and for the last Food Blogger HH. Each time I have been there, I have had a good experience. This last Wednesday, I tried the sliders (HH Special was $7 for two with a salad). I ordered the bison with gruyere cheese and carmelized onions and the lamb with feta and roasted peppers. Both were very good. The meat was cooked well done yet the sliders were so juicy. Tons of flavor. I also got the fingerling potatoes with a dill sauce which looked like they were roasted, cut in half, and pan seared. Nice! They were cooked to a point where they had a nice carmelized favor to it. Tasty and filling.

I wish I was trained in wine tasting so that I could tell you that which great wines they carried but all I can say that I enjoyed two white sparkling wines for $10 and that I was happy...and buzzed afterwards.

Service was great. Sophia was our primary waitress who took care of a party of 30+ HH attenddees. She always remembered my name and my orders came out perfect.

My only comment to the Vinoteca space is that I wish they had more tall bar stools so that some of us didn't have to spend so much time standing. The other thing was that the water tasted like it had a strong chlorine/bleach smell to it. Blogger Mango and Tomato felt that it was too strong. I figured it was just the treatment that DC water gets but some restaurants have been able to deal with this by using water filters. I hope Vinoteca does the same.

Good food. Good Service. Good place to check out for HH. Sophia our waitress recommended Sunday nights when they have Flamenco dancing and half off South American and Spanish wines.

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  1. Totally agree on everything you've said! I was amazed our waitress remembered all of our names.

    I loved my sliders, but I enjoyed the company (you!) more :)