Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Copper Pot's Smoked Bacon and Parmesan Tomato Sauce

I have a lot of respect for people who break away from the daily grind and pursue a dream. It takes a lot of guts and with hard work, great things can happen. Stefano Frigerio is one of those people who knew he wanted to spend more time with his family and left the restaurant business to do just that. He later started making jams and pasta sauces and started a company with these canned goods.

My first experience in trying to contact Copper Pot was not so great. It was in December when I tried to email them and order online but nothing was working. It was really quite frustrating. So a few weeks back, at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, I ended up meeting Stafano. Once I mentioned that I tried to get ahold of him, he knew exactly the day I was talking about. Turns out that his family and him were travelling for the holidays and he tried to respond via his iPhone but it wasn't working. These are the kinks you have to work out when starting your own business but looking at the big picture, they seem minor. This is a man who now gets to spend more time with his family. As my grandfather said on his deathbed, "Family is the only thing that matters."

The picture above is a jar of Copper Pot's Smoked Bacon and Parmesan Sauce. It is $6 for a 16oz jar. This may seem pricey for a jar of pasta sauce but the tomatoes taste amazingly fresh and the bacon just gives it the sauce a surprise salty, smokey bite when you get a piece in the sauce. I brought this jar to share with my friends Angie and Christina and both enjoyed it. This is a great sauce to get if you have guests over and want to have some special yet simple on the table.

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  1. His pastas are incredible as well. Really high quality ingredients -- they are worth the money! I always feel as if you should really get your calories worth with pasta and Stefano's really satisfies that requirement for me.