Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lost in Holiday and Vaction Land

I really wanted to write that it has taken me this long to recover from my 30th birthday hangover. The reality is that my good housemates gave me lots of water to drink and ordered me a pizza before I headed off to bed. My co-workers were very surprised to see me awake, at work, and properly dressed the next morning.

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of holiday parties and family time. My friends and I tried out Henry's Soul Cafe on 4th and K Street NW (meh.) Adventures in Shaw, Urban Bohemian, Stop the Pota and I met with Dan Simmons at Founding Farmers to discuss the Washington Post article and his response to it. My friends and I had a cookie exchange that also turned into a cookie charity donation to a local Santa's Workshop. In California, my mom and I took at trip to San Jose to eat at my cousin Amanda's restaurant Gumbo Jumbo (delish!) What I will miss most about being here in California is waking up every morning and having breakfast with my 1 year old nephew Camden. We share a banana (you should see him stuff the banana into his little mouth. He starts chewing and he stuffed so much in that most of it falls out.) He is a good eater and I love watching a good eater enjoy his food.

But tomorrow, I will be back in DC and back to DC life. Grocery shopping sale postings will be up again as well as some fun recipes. Apparently I was a very good girl this year because I got a ton of new kitchen toys. I'll consider being a good girl again next year.

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